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The quality of TotalEnergies fuels

The quality of TotalEnergies fuels


TotalEnergies performs quality controls on its fuels throughout the logistics chain in order to ensure the distribution of superior quality fuels.

The TotalEnergies strong points are:

  • Undisputed technical expertise 
    • Knowledge of fuels
    • Exclusive superior quality fuels
    • Systematic quality controls

The steps at the storage depot and the loading station

TotalEnergies regularly monitors the quality of the fuels in its depots.

Delivery to TotalEnergies stations

The tanker-truck equipped with several compartments will distribute TotalEnergies specific fuels to the TotalEnergies stations. 
Quality controls are performed on a regular basis at the service station in order to ensure the performance level required by TotalEnergies .All TotalEnergies fuels contain additives, and therefore offer superior quality:



Blend is fuel that is used in any petrol engine. Blend sold in Zimbabwe is a mixture of ethanol and unleaded petrol.

For any enquiries on supply, please contact us



Diesel is fuel used in any diesel engine. Diesel sold in Zimbabwe is petroleum based; it is a product of crude oil refining.

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Illuminating Paraffin is a combustible liquid commonly used as heating fuel and domestically for cooking and lighting. It has several industrial uses for example it is widely used as a solvent.

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